Meet Brad Twynham

Brad is an activator, motivator, teacher, practitioner, innovator and change agent. What sets him apart as a speaker is his approachability and authenticity which lifts audiences to go beyond inspiration and to take action.

His special gift is his powerful lived experiences and stories that capture the audience’s attention, build trust and catalyse change. People leave his sessions entertained, and with a lifelong desire to challenge their “traditional ways of thinking and doing things.”

What would you do if the FBI knocked on your door?

  • Speaker
  • Advisor
  • Business Strategist

Brad remains on the cutting edge of innovation and technology

As an advisor to Federal, State and Local Governments on economic redevelopment, activating innovation ecosystems for change and a Lecturer and Entrepreneur in Residence for one of Australia’s biggest Universities.

He also mentors and advises Senior Change leaders, world-class entrepreneurs and innovators as well as trains and develops senior leadership teams to be more adaptable and fluid using his groundbreaking “Radical Innovation” framework.

No one can talk about going beyond resilience and embracing change, innovation and transition like Brad can. Many say his messages are powerful, cohesive and easily catchable and his presentations thoughtprovoking and a vital moment in shaping new capabilities to succeed in a rapidly changing environment.

In 2015 the FBI accused Brad’s business partner of securities fraud.

They used Brad to try and gain the upper hand in the investigation. They applied maximum pressure to get what they wanted; they took his home, assets, destroyed his reputation and threatened to take his freedom if he didn’t give them what they wanted.

There is no greater metaphor than this story for highlighting the business environment we currently operate in.

Brad has been on the leading edge of technology and change for over 25years.

As the CoFounder of three enterprise startups, Brad had advised some of the most senior leaders in technology in some of the biggest corporations in the world who implemented and drove transformational change through using products and services his company’s developed.

Case Studies

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resource

Case Study 1

Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resource

For 4 years, Brad was engaged within the Entrepreneurs Program at D.I.S.E.R on the Incubator Support Program. Shaping and funding Incubator Projects across Australia, this Program assisted high growth Australian Startups in increasing their prospects in International Markets. The program significantly impacted the Australian Innovation Ecosystem and funded over 50 Incubator Projects in Metropolitan and Regional Australia.


50 Incubator Projects Funded over 4 years.

Over $100M in Venture Capital Raised within those Incubator Projects

30 Regional Incubator Projects Funded across NSW and Queensland

Western Sydney University

Case Study 2

Western Sydney University

Brad is the Chief Entrepreneur in Residence at Western Sydney University for Venture Makers. Venture Makers sits within the University's Launch Pad Program, which focuses on providing entrepreneurial and innovation training across all schools and faculties at the University.


2 Innovation Challenges a year run within the University.

First University in Australia to have an accredited Entrepreneurial Unit, which students can take no matter their degree.

Over 300 students completed their first Entrepreneurial Experience.

Logan City Council

Case Study 3

Logan City Council

Brad is the Program Director for Logan City Councils CoLab. CoLab has launched the US Market Access Program (USMAP), designed to assist Australian High Growth Scaleups in entering the US Market.


USMAP Project launched

Profile of Logan as an Innovation Precinct Increased

Working with CoLab Stakeholders and Partners to Program the USMAP.

Facilitating workshops with State and Federal Government Stakeholders.

Guiding the strategic direction of the Program and its fit within CoLab.

Building working relationships with the Broader State and National Entrepreneurial Ecosystem.


Radical Innovation Trilogy

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Let’s talk about how I can partner with you to embrace a successful transition to radical innovation.