If you’re a conference organiser take your audience on a transcendent journey.

If you’re a leader, develop the skills to lead in a rapidly changing world.

If you’re an entrepreneur, gain the ultimate edge in competitive performance. 


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“We need to develop tomorrows capabilities in our leaders of today, because we are not going back to where we were!”

For Conference and Event Planners

Transcendent Keynotes:

If you want a keynote that is fluffy, friendly and funny this is not the keynote for your organisation. If you need your people to shift their perception and mindset and transcend their current circumstances, to become adaptable and regain lost momentum then you have found your speaker. Very few people come up against the FBI and are able to withstand the excruciating pressure they apply to get what they want. Teach your people to be Focused, Bold and Innovative in the face of unwanted external pressure and change.

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Collision Course: How visionary leader handle and recover from crisis.

Leadership in a Transparent World.

Bullet Proof: How to disrupt when being disrupted.




  • develop a culture of engagement and optimism
  • shift values that no longer serve your business
  • regain lost momentum
  •  lead powerfully in a rapidly changing world
  •  UNPACK mindsets and tools Disruptors use
  •  lead from a place of vulnerability and authenticity


Recent clients include: Fund Raising Institute of Australia, The Department of Industry Innovation and Science, University of Technology Sydney, University of New England, University of Wollongong iAccelerate, Insuretech Showcase, Conscious Capitalism Australia and New Zealand and Look HEWS Talking.

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We are living in an unprecedented time of uncertainty as industry is being redefined by technology. One of the biggest challenges leaders face is ensuring their organisations can thrive and their people can thrive while navigating this uncertainty.

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If you need to shift your organisational culture toward being entrepreneurial and innovative then the “Living in the Gap” workshops will assist you in achieving your goals.

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“Brad is a great guy to hang out and explore a wide range of topics, as well as a person I am always happy to do business with…”

Frank Cuiuli

“His insights were spot on and very wise. Brad is an engaging speaker who knows his stuff; he speaks from lived experience and with heart..”

Karen Firestone

“Brad has been a mentor, coach and partner through our journey to launch our business. He worked with us to expand our vision beyond…”

Brendan Axtel

“Brad has been a very practical and action oriented coach in his suggestions and most importantly has brought new ideas we had not considered. He has trodden the high growth path before and his insights have been invaluable.”

Graeme Cowan

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