Our world is changing faster and more profoundly than any of us realise

  • Get to the heart of challenging problems quickly
  • Think differently about difficulttosolve problems
  • Create an environment of psychological safety
  • Build resilience through adaptability
  • Accelerate your organisations adoption of change
  • Speaker
  • Advisor
  • Business Strategist

Executives and Leaders of Change

  • Accelerate the ability to absorb change
  • Get to the heart of challenging problems quickly
  • Build resilience through adaptability

Event and Conference Organisers

  • Powerful lived experiences and stories
  • Complete conference experience
  • Authentic and approachable keynotes

Innovation and Startup Ecosystems

  • Activate an innovation and startup precinct
  • Worldclass programming for entrepreneurial leadership training
  • Take your startup to the next level

Recent Clients

Bega Valley
Australian Government DFT
AA Cham Com
Chartard Accounts
Dulux Group


Brad is an activator, motivator, teacher, practitioner, innovator and change agent.

An incredible story no one wants, combined with advice everyone needs.

Lisa O'Neill
Thought Leaders


Brad delivered a thought-provoking keynote. His content was fascinating, and his style was enthusiastic, engaging and inspiring.

Peter Manousos
Learning and Development Executive
Dulux Group

American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

Brad‘s energy was very well received, and the content he provided was very thought-provoking, especially the three foundations for creating Dynamic Stability.

Doug Grant
General Manager
American Chamber of Commerce in Australia

Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Brads keynote was amazing, he shaped the content to fit our launch perfectly and delivered a keynote that was entertaining, humorous and content rich which was perfectly tailored to our audience and the product we were launching.

Daniel Smith
Director Entrepreneurship
Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

The University of New England
Brad Twynham was entertaining, engaging, and his story surprising. His key lessons of creating Dynamic Stability hit a home run with our Cohort, Guests and Investors.

Dorian Coventry
General Manager
University of New England


If you need to recharge and reclaim lost momentum and create a positive outlook about change, your people need to meet Brad Twynham. He kept our audience captivated from the opening phrase to the closing sentence of his talk.

Christina Gerakiteys
Singularity U Australia

DXC Technology

Its difficult to hold peoples attention in a virtual meeting for an hour let alone for 8 hours over two days. Brad put together an experience that kept the audience engaged, he stretched their thinking and upgraded their skills.

Craig Kemp
DXC Technology

Blog Posts

What Lies Beyond Resilience?

Have you ever felt that personal and organisational resilience is fantastic but there has to be something beyond it? What happens after we have weathered the storm?

One of my favourite fictional authors is Marian Keyes. Her books take ordinary situations and turn them into entertaining hilarious situations, but yet at the same time provide deep insights.

Radical Thinking - Open mindedness

Radical Thinking

How well equipped are you as a leader, and your team to absorb difficult feedback and ideas?

Last night I was invited to speak in Lithgow. A beautiful town on the foot of the Western side of the Blue Mountains. Lithgow was established as a mining town. It originally produced shale for the early settlement in Sydney and later coal. Many familys in Lithgow are 3rd…

The Power of Dynamic Stability

The Power of Dynamic Stability

Astro Teller is a British-American Computer Scientist and author who specialises in Intelligent Technology. He has been instrumental in establishing Google X, the innovation arm of Google and was credited for leading projects such as Google Glass, Google Driverless Cars, Google Contact Lens and Project Loon.

He is a tremendous innovator and is well respected and known for his …

Radical times call for radical approaches to rethinking our approach to business

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