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Who is Brad Twynham?

Speaker, social innovation strategist, advisor, influencer.
Game changer, disruptor, serial entrepreneur.
Truth seeker, truth speaker.
Kite surfing addict.

Brad Twynham is drive, determination and commitment in the flesh.

He’s a straight shooter, constantly going beyond ideas with vibrant solutions and exciting collaborations that re-define innovation and resilience in today’s every-changing world.

For Brad, founding, launching and directing successful companies such as 6th Paradigm Consulting is like breathing. In 2017, bent on creating a safer digital world, Brad established iCyberCare to educate the masses on cyber safety and provide a safe harbor for victims of cybercrime.

He’s worked with dozens of clients, from savvy start-ups to big business, delivering human-centric solutions that elevate personal and corporate performance to the next level.

Brad not only knows how to turn fledging ideas into sustainable and profitable success, he’s also on a mission to create a new world. His vision? A culture of innovation built on creativity and collaboration that disrupts the current status quo, shatters the boundaries of possibility and elevates humanity. A world where people and business go beyond ideas.

He believes personal innovation is the future of innovation.

And now he is establishing himself as a speaker on innovation, creativity and collaboration.

In the spirit of collaboration and doing good, Brad also acts as a Board Advisor for the likes of Conscious Capitalism of Australia, The Central Coast Montessori Primary School and the Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network where he focuses on Innovation Strategy, Governance and Capital Fundraising.

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