The F.B.I Effect:

When the FBI set their sights on you they are fast, brutal and invasive. Just like the unwanted external forces that are impacting your business today.

The following keynotes are lessons that have been learned in leadership, forged through dealing with the FBI over a five year period in an investigation that had constant twists, turns and unexpected outcomes. The lessons hold tremendous parallels to the situation we all find ourselves in today as we figure out how we respond and how to regain momentum in a world that looks vastly different every day.

Adaptability is the Ultimate Currency

We are in a period of tremendous transition and change. The ability of your leaders and people to be adaptable in the face of unwanted external forces driving this transition and change will ultimately determine your ability to succeed, grow and maintain momentum.

Research now tells us that your AQ (Adaptability Quotient) is the key determinant of success in the coming decades.

This keynote will challenge your people to think differently about the industry wide change that is occurring today and the skills required by leaders to effectively lead in an ambiguous and constantly changing landscape.

The F.B.I Effect is a three part methodology to create a foundation for leaders who have to develop the skills to be adaptable and make critical decisions at speed. Adaptability is the Ultimate Currency.

P.R.O.S.P.E.R Under Pressure

Have you ever wondered why some people lift their performance and always come through with the goods when faced with sudden unexpected pressure while others just fall apart.

Dealing with pressure is not an innate ability, it can be trained and taught. Research tells us that by building microhabbits we can learn to not only more effectively deal with pressure but actually Prosper Under Pressure.

This keynote will teach your people how to Prosper in the relentless pressure we are experiencing while under the interrogation of the “New Normal.” How to create your own psychological safe house which will prevent pressure turning into stress.

Your people will learn the P.R.O.S.P.E.R method. 7 microhabbits that when implemented can transform your ability to operate effectively under prolonged periods of pressure.

Influence is the Essence of Innovation

Every leader in the next decade will need to learn to reinvent who they are. It is no longer enough for leaders to tell people what to do, they need to inspire and engage, leaders have to be influencers.

Every great innovator and entrepreneur in the world today has learned the science and art of influence. It is how they take ideas and turn them into reality, how they persuade investors to put millions of dollars into high risk ventures and how they engage really smart people to work for them for below market rates.

This keynote will teach your people how to become influencers in their domain and become more innovative and adaptable, shift beliefs, execute quickly and view every situation through the lens of optimism and abundance.


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