The F.B.I Effect:

What would you do if the FBI knocked on your door, threatened your freedom and took everything from you to get what they wanted?

If you want powerful lessons forged through an unimaginable situation that is high energy, memorable and transcends the norm, look not further.

Each of the keynotes below are lessons learned over a 4.5 year ordeal of going head to head with the FBI in an unimaginable set of events with twists and turns that will leave your audiences wanting more. 

Collision Course

Developing Resilience in a crisis is critical. Yet going beyond resilience to reclaiming momentum is just as critically important.

We all inevitably collide into dark external forces. Today’s business environment is a minefield of obstacles. Navigating minefields while experiencing huge disruption means turning crisis inside out. Even if the only advantage from the crisis is a deep learning experience.

What happened in the past is not a predictor for what is going to happen in the future.

This keynote shows you how to use your greatest assets to re-examine and reinvent your current organisational culture to be consistent, adaptable, resilient and agile.



Bullet Proof

Size equals safety is an illusion. Over the last decade, we have seen small businesses not just take out companies but reshape entire industries. Uber, Airbnb, Tesla and Michelin are a small list of organisations that think, act and use different metrics from established enterprises. There are dozens more coming. Bulletproof shows you the mindsets and levers needed to disrupt industries and how to disrupt because one thing is certain.

If you are not disrupting your industry your are vulnerable to being disrupted.

This keynote shows:

* The Exponential Mindsets World Class Entrepreneurs use.

* 5 Levers disruptive businesses use to gain market advantage.

* A simple and engaging process to reshape your business.

Influence is the Essence of Innovation

Every leader in the next decade will need to learn to reinvent who they are. It is no longer enough for leaders to tell people what to do, they need to inspire and engage, leaders have to influence.

Every great innovator and entrepreneur in the world today has learned the science and art of influence. It is how they take ideas and turn them into reality, how they persuade investors to put millions of dollars into high risk ventures and how they engage really smart people to work for them for below market rates.

State out trumps strategy every time.

This keynote will teach your people the communication skills to be able to go beyond influence and persuasion. To become more innovative and adaptable, shift beliefs, execute quickly and view every situation through the lens of optimism and abundance.

Leadership in a Transparent World


Consumers will only do business with organisations that demonstrate, transparency, trust, and goodwill in the coming years. Attracting the best talent from a workforce that is becoming more conscious will demand the same.

We need to relearn everything about privacy, transparency and human decency to succeed in a post COVID world.

Character is what will matter.

* Use crisis as a catalyst for transformation

* Lead from a place of authenticity and vulnerability

* Learn the skills to become radically transparent

Audiences will develop a model of how to build highly transparent functional teams that consistently perform under pressure.


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