Radical Times Call for New Capabilities for Change and Innovation

Does this sound like you?

  • We need our people to go beyond resilience
  • We need our people to be more adaptable and fluid to change and transition
  • We need to be more innovative
  • We need to protect the core and ensure we are innovating our business model at the same time
  • We need to understand the forces that will impact our business now and in the future
  • We need an approach to innovation that is fast and makes maximum impact in as short a time as possible
  • Wed like to run an innovation challenge

What is Radical Innovation?

What does it take for a company to remain relevant? Is it necessary to keep to the corporate structure and never deviate? Or does it need you to disrupt your market as often as you can with something truly new? What if remaining relevant meant that none of these extremes had to be the solution? It’s time for organisations to start concentrating on cultivating an innovative mindset while challenging the status quo.

The greatest skills your company can possess is not hard skills, but soft skills that focus on building capabilities through adaptability. It all comes down to your team’s ability to collaborate and be creative and their willingness to work together towards expanding their mindset, toolset and skillset. To achieve radical change effectively, you’ll need your people to act like executives and think like entrepreneurs.

Radical times call for radical approaches to change and innovation.

Radical Innovation

  • Develop capabilities for succeeding in an environment of continuous change, uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Align words with actions.
  • Communicate disruptive ideas effectively.
  • Recreate your business model to avoid disruption.
  • Focus on intervention and real output.
Bega Valley
Australian Government DFT
AA Cham Com
Chartard Accounts
Dulux Group

Brad made our leadership team and board really uncomfortable, but in a way that led to some profound change in the way we thought about disruption and our approach to innovation…

One of the best lectures I have ever seen on innovation.”

Jane Schwager Chair of the Board

My leadership team was going through Challenges expanding their thinking to adopting new practices… Brad engaged the team in a way that was fun, light-hearted, and created the space for the team to experience the benefits of being more open to accepting new ideas.

Zoe Naden Deputy Secretary

Let’s talk about how I can partner with you to embrace a successful transition to radical innovation.