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Brad Twynham provides transcendent experiences for conference and event participants.

He is known and recognised globally as one of the leading speakers on innovation, change, and transition.

Does this sound like your next event speaker?

  • You want to inspire, inform and move your audience from scared, defensive and apathetic to optimism and excited about the future in 60 mins
  • You need a speaker who is easy to work with and who is flexible
  • You want someone who can show a story passionately, not just tell it
  • You need someone who can craft a transcendent experience
    • Shift from a position of apathy and defensiveness to a position of excitement and optimism about change.
    • Learn to think and act fluidly in an environment of continuous and increading uncertainty and ambiguity.
    • Develop the capabilities to speed transitions caused by both disruptive and planned business events.
    • See the amazing advancements being made in your industry and how they will create an environment of unlimited opportunity for reinvention.





Innovation is the Only Key to Success in the Events industry

As the CoFounder of three enterprise startups, Brad learned how to think fluidly and dynamically over a 25year career on the leading edge of technology and change. He advised some of the most senior leaders in technology in some of the biggest corporations in the world who implemented and drove transformational change through using products and services his company’s developed. 

It is his powerful lived experiences and stories that capture the audience’s attention, build trust and catalyze change. People leave his sessions entertained, and with a lifelong desire to challenge their “traditional ways of thinking and doing things.”

He remains on the cutting edge of innovation and technology as an advisor to Federal, State and Local Governments o n economic redevelopment, activating innovation ecosystems for change and a Lecturer and Entrepreneur in Residence for one of Australia’s biggest Universities.

Brad also mentors and advises Senior Change leaders, world class entrepreneurs and innovators as well as trains and develops senior leadership teams to be more adaptable and fluid using his groundbreaking “Radical Innovation” framework.

As a speaker, brad urges his audience to uncover their own tale…

Explore the latest tech trends and technologies and understand how to adjust to radical change as we enter the new normal.

After the huge disruptions caused by the COVID19 crisis, people are looking to get back on course and, importantly, build for the future through radical innovation, thinking, and reinvention.

Collision Course

Developing Resilience in a crisis is critical. Yet going beyond resilience to reclaiming momentum is just as critically important.

We all inevitably collide with dark external forces. Today’s business environment is a minefield of obstacles. Navigating minefields while experiencing huge disruption means turning crisis inside out. Even if the only advantage of the crisis is a deep learning experience.

“What happened in the past is not a predictor for what is going to happen in the future.”

This keynote shows you how to use your greatest assets to reexamine and reinvent your current organisational culture to be consistent, adaptable, resilient and agile.

Radical Reinvention

Your organisation is bound inside the confines of your beliefs, actions, habits, and patterns, which are impacting the outcomes of your organisation. Volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environments times do not cater for rigid structures of thinking. Radical times call for radical approaches to rethinking our approach to business. Innovation begins with developing the capabilities to shift our mental models towards being fluid and adaptable.

  • Understand why change is so difficult to navigate
  • Develop the skills of removing unconscious bias from decision making
  • Learn the five superpowers of fluid thinking
  • Increase the speed of teams to make decisions and implement innovative ideas

BulletProof: The 6 D’s of Disruptive Innovation

Size equals safety is an illusion. Over the last decade, we have seen small agile businesses not just take out companies but reshape entire industries. Uber, Airbnb, Tesla and Michelin are a small list of organisations that are redefining industries. Understanding how disruptive innovation works equips us to view the world through a wide-angle lens to see emerging competitors and take evasive action before they impact us. There are dozens more coming. BulletProof shows your people the latest innovations set to disrupt your industry and how you can evade that threat and seize the opportunity it creates.

  • See the latest innovations set to impact and reshape your industry.
  • Learn three core skills that create a culture that can compete in a disruptive world.
  • Understand how disruptive innovation works and why it’s so dangerous.
  • A simple and engaging process to reshape your business.

Audiences learn how to view the world through a lens that sees disruption coming before it occurs.

Brad‘s energy was very well received, and the content he provided was very thoughtprovoking, especially the three foundations for creating Dynamic Stability.

Doug Grant

Brad delivered a thoughtprovoking keynote. His content was fascinating, and his style was enthusiastic, engaging and inspiring.

Peter Manousos
Bega Valley
Australian Government DFT
AA Cham Com
Chartard Accounts
Dulux Group

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