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The Beyond Ideas Podcast is hosted by Brad Twynham, an Entrepreneur who understands business and has a passion for innovation & creativity. New episodes of the Beyond Ideas Podcasts are released weekly and feature guest speakers who offer personal and professional experiences, challenges and success stories. Brad interviews CEO’s from large corporations, to Principals of Montessori Schools, to Entrepreneurs of start-ups in the medical industry; and almost anything in-between.
Brad provides entrepreneurs and innovators amazing insight, experience and advice to help inspire and encourage creativity, innovation and collaboration.
The Beyond Ideas Podcast focus on the following 5 key areas:
1) The Future of Humanity in a technology driven world
2) The Link between Innovation and Performance
3) The Future of Education
4) Conscious Capitalism
5) Medical Technology


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Women In Leadership: Using Media to Support and Promote your Business
Beyond Ideas Episode 12 with Monica Rosenfeld

To continue our theme of Women in Leadership we welcome Monica Rosenfeld from WordStorm. Monica has years of experience in the area of media and worked for A Current Affair before founding WordStorm 18 years ago. Monica has featured on Channel Seven’s Sunrise, The Weekend Australian and the Sydney morning herald, she is a key note speaker, author and entrepreneur and shares with us the strategies and skills you need to know in using media to support and promote your business.

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Women In Leadership: Game Changers
Female entrepreneurship continues to receive significant publicity: What does it take as a woman to leave a six figure salary and go out on your own before being a female entrepreneur was supported? Robyn Foyster took the leap as an empowered female entrepreneur and has faced many challenges along the way. During this interview, Robyn shares with us her experiences from working as editor in chief of the Australian’s woman’s weekly, to founding her own digital media company and provides advice on amplifying your business.

“The failings in the early career phase, the successors that then lead to yet another failure, which is when I took my first tip toe into the world of entrepreneurialism, had my backside royally kicked, then back into the grind, did really well.. It has been an ongoing roller coaster.” – Frank Cuiuli
Frank Cuiuli lost everything, yet he thrived.. and is now co founder of Pivot Me. Frank tells us what it was about his physiology and psychology that had him pick him self up, time and time again.

When leaders care for their employees on a personal level the results are astonishing… “Studies by The Black Dog Institute show if you train leaders on basic mental health literacy and how to help people, they’ve shown a 998% return on investment. Caring, and support does lead to fantastic results.” – Graeme Cowan. Graeme explains the importance of learning the necessary skills it takes to effectively support one another in the workplace, and introduces us to psychological safety at work.

Fair trade. Social justice. Ethical sourcing.
Justin Pagotto explains the correlation between business and ethics and how the two come hand in hand for successful businesses and the future of generations as well as the wealth and health of our planet. Justin shares with us the knowledge from his decade of entrepreneurial business experiences and his newest endeavour: Corporate Spend.

I have known Brad for many years over my career in Technology.
In an industry where relationships can be a little bit of a commodity, I found that the relationship with Brad grew over time as his interest were genuine regarding getting to know the person, and not simply looking at the utility. Because of this, I have seen many sides of Brad and have grown a level of respect and connection with him in this time.
He has a great depth of insight across a number of fields and is an inquisitive person that always looks to garner a deep understanding of a topic.
Brad is a great guy to hang out and explore a wide range of topics, as well as a person I am always happy to do business with.
Frank Cuiuli , Pivot Me: Be Better

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